Interview The Ark of Music

“I really held no concept of ‘genre’. I just wanted music speaking to me, true and imperfect thoughts. ” NEW interview today on The Ark of Music check it out friends!

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“If you’re really serious about having a music career, you can’t do it alone.”

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Review of ‘You’ Side Stage Magazine

“It’s going to be a five-star masterpiece for sure.”

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Review of You on Indie Spoonfull

“I got all my friends /and I don’t need no other kind /their hearts are all beating /All at once,” showcasing his warm, brushed vocals in soothing melodies and heartwarming lyrics. As the verse progresses, the arrangement builds intro a captivating combination of layers of strings, various forms of percussion, and bass.”

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Review of ‘You’ Side Stage Magazine

“You” showcases Vancil’s knack for writing heart-warming gems that will turn you into an instant fan. The vibe of “Complicated Man” feels as if it blends together a seventies folk-style with modern storytelling lyrics to melt away your troubles.”

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Review of ‘You’ Stereo Stickman

“Complicated Man is a stunning song…”

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Review of ‘You’ Artist Rack

“This simultaneously infused with the minimalist conceptualizations of the music inspire acoustic driven melodies that portray a testament to a sense of authenticity within the folk-rock genre”

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Vents Interview

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